Parents for Public Schools of San Francisco
Where all San Franciscans are committed to the success of every public school in the City. 

The PPS-SF Team

Cayla Allen
African American Community Advocate
I like the sense of ownership and autonomy that my community immersion work at PPS-SF both requires and provides.

Kellyn Dong
Database Systems & Technology Manager
Parents for Public Schools of San Francisco is a free service that helps parents, including me!

Robin Dutton-Cookston
Director of Communications
I love sharing information and helping our beautiful, diverse San Francisco families to become joyful, empowered public school advocates. 

Sandy Qiu
Chinese Community Outreach Officer
I am so happy working at PPS-SF. It's a wonderful opportunity that I can help Chinese parents to engage with San Francisco Public Schools. When I see Chinese parents being satisfied, it is my greatest pleasure.

Maria Webster
Program Coordinator
I am energized by helping parents find a school where they feel their child is safe, happy, and getting a great education.

Miranda Martin
Director of Policy
I feel so lucky to have the opportunity through my work at PPS-SF to engage with families and schools thoughout San Francisco and experience first hand how much we share in our experiences and hopes for our students.

Vicki Symonds
Director of Operations
I love PPS-SF and our work advocating for public education. Keeping the public in education is critical for ensuring our democratic way of life.

Annie Bauccio 
Interim Executive Director
Public School Advocacy has become a way of life for me. Both professionally and personally I am pleased and proud to work with PPS-SF, and support efforts to affect the way San Francisco thinks about our public schools.
Daisy Hernandez
Latino Community Outreach Officer
I am inspired by how the Latinos families want to learn how to advocate for a quality and equity education for their kids.

Rachel Nip
Enrollment Program Manager
Through my work at PPS-SF, I see the amount of time and effort families, school staff, and the community put in to support students in our public schools. I am inspired by the collective impact caring adults have on children's lives.

Roisheen Doherty, Office Manager
I love supporting such a passionate team. It makes my job easy!