PPS-SF Recommends: UC Data, Discipline, Mindfulness, and More

posted Dec 14, 2016, 10:08 AM by Robin Dutton-Cookston   [ updated Dec 15, 2016, 8:59 AM ]

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The University of California released its admissions data for the fall 2015 term and revealed which UC campuses accepted the most students who attended San Francisco public high schools. For the 2015 academic year, the UC schools that accepted the most applicants from public high schools in San Francisco were UC Merced, UC Riverside and UC San Diego, with about 55, 49, and 44 percent of the applicants being accepted, respectively. read more

I have every reason to quit my job except that when I consider doing so, I have palpable guilt at the thought of the students I might be letting down. They’ll still get a pretty good education, sure, but I have to think that the number of times I speak with students and rationally discuss their typical adolescent behavior that others might not see as typical is worth something. For the last seven years, I have talked myself out of quitting. read more

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We’ve all been there. And so have our kids. Someone says something really offensive: "Retard!" "Fatso!" "So gay!" "Go back to your own country!" Hurtful words and hurtful thoughts. How do we help children understand that words can hurt? How can we help our schools become more inclusive? read more

Say the fourth-grader was tussling with his on-again, off-again buddy on the playground – a taunt here, light shove there. He’s agitated. Stomping, huffing. At most schools, governed by a traditional disciplinary approach, the offender would land in the principal’s office, likely followed by a few days of detention: an hour after school, empty classroom, utter silence. read more

We live in a world of screens. And in this digital age — with so many devices and distraction — it’s one of the things parents worry about most: How much time should their kids spend staring at their phones and computers? What’s the right balance between privacy and self-discovery? read more