What We're Reading: Childhood Stress, Trends in Education, and More

posted Jan 8, 2016, 2:08 PM by Robin Dutton-Cookston
From The New York TimesStuart Slavin, a pediatrician and professor at the St. Louis University School of Medicine, knows something about the impact of stress. After uncovering alarming rates of anxiety and depression among his medical students, Dr. Slavin and his colleagues remade the program: implementing pass/fail grading in introductory classes, instituting a half-day off every other week, and creating small learning groups to strengthen connections among students. read more

From SFGate
San Francisco’s public schools chief is staying put. Superintendent Richard Carranza said Monday he isn’t going anywhere, despite persistent reports and rumors that he was courted heavily by Los Angeles Unified, the state’s largest district, and was among the top candidates for the job. read more

From NPR
Recess at Eagle Mountain Elementary School in Fort Worth, Texas, looks much like recess anyplace else. Some kids run and squeal, others swing, while a half-dozen of their peers are bunched up on the slide. Journey Orebaugh, a 6-year-old in an off-white princess dress, is playing family. "You just get a bunch of people and just act like who you want to be," she says. Journey likes to play the mom. read more

From Education Dive
The year 2015 saw many small changes in education, and a momentous one, long-awaited by many: the departure of the federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. With just weeks left in the year, the updated federal education bill, the Every Student Succeeds Act, flew through the Senate and the House after a revision process that some called a "love-fest." The ESSA was signed into law by President Barack Obama on Dec. 10. read more

From Education Week
Select a state in the map or sorted list to view details and data. read more