What We're Reading: Discipline Reform, Charter Schools, and More

posted Sep 12, 2016, 10:22 AM by Robin Dutton-Cookston
Here are the latest articles being shared around the PPS-SF office. 

SFUSDFrom The San Francisco Examiner
While the San Francisco Unified School District has campaigned against the use of suspension in its schools since 2011, discipline data released Tuesday sheds light on the district’s lingering problems: ethnic disparities and chronic absenteeism. read more 

From EdSource
California's First College and Career Readiness Metric Still Being Fine-Tuned
Citing a lack of current data to measure how well high schools prepare students for careers, state officials have scrapped a key piece of California’s initial College and Career Readiness Indicator. At this week’s State Board of Education meeting, Department of Education officials are expected to present an updated metric that doesn’t include a process for measuring the highest tier of students ready for college and careers. read more

From The Washington Post
Ohio and Utah are known in education circles for having extraordinarily troubled charter school sectors, and the same is true in Pennsylvania, where Auditor General Eugene DePasquale issued a report this year and declared his state’s charter school law the “worst” in the nation.But there is another place with a scandal-plagued charter sector that gets less national attention than it should: California, which has more charter schools and charter school students than any other state in the nation, and where one billionaire came up with a secret plan to “charterize” half of the Los Angeles Unified School District. read more

From US News & World Report
The NAACP, at its national convention in Cincinnati, voted this July to support "a moratorium on the proliferation of privately managed charter schools." In Massachusetts, a local NAACP leader is campaigning against the charter-expansion referendum bill on the state ballot in November. Comparing charters to segregated schools, he shouted: "As Brown vs. the Board of Education taught us, a dual school system is inherently unequal." read more 

From Beyond Chron
For a school department that most people never think about, there is a lot of secrecy surrounding operations of SFUSD’s Student Nutrition Services (SNS). It can take a lot of time and internet digging (or even a Freedom of Information Act request) to unearth the answers to questions as basic as, “How many kids get food from the cafeteria at my child’s school?” read more 

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