What We're Reading: Teens and Teacher Pay

posted Aug 16, 2016, 10:18 AM by Robin Dutton-Cookston   [ updated Aug 16, 2016, 10:19 AM ]
Here are the latest articles being passed around the PPS-SF office. 

A new report from SRI Education on SFUSD’s Science, Technology, Engineer and Math (STEM) Learning Initiative shows SFUSD’s eighth grade students ahead of peers in other school districts when it comes to math performance. read more

From The Wall Street Journal
The teenage years can be mystifying for parents. Sensible children turn scatter-brained or start having wild mood swings. Formerly level-headed adolescents ride in cars with dangerous drivers or take other foolish risks. read more

From EdWeekmoneyteachers.jpg
At a time when regional teacher shortages and high turnover rates are rife in school systems, a new report by the Economic Policy Institute may offer some explanation: The gap between U.S. teachers' pay and that of comparable workers is greater than ever beforeread more 

From The San Francisco Chronicle
With a teacher shortage hitting many Bay Area districts hard, San Francisco started the school year Monday with a shortfall of 38 teachers despite the district’s summer-long scramble to find enough candidates to fill its classrooms. read more