PPS-SF School Board Watch: Board of Education Meeting 1/12/16: Agenda Preview

Its the first regular Board of Education meeting of the year!  You can check out the full agenda here


  • The Board will vote to elect a new President and Vice President 
  • Several resolutions will be introduced (no discussion now, but they will be sent to committee's for discussion, then come back at a subsequent Board of Education meeting for a vote)
    • Resolutions submitted by the Superintendent include updates to district policies on immunizations and availability of condoms and authorization to consider renewal of Thomas Edison school's charter.
    • Commissioners Fewer and Norton introduce a resolution requesting the district to study the feasibility of a world language program in SFUSD elementary and middle schools. This would be a non-immersion language program, goal would daily language instruction available to all students. Proposal to initially pilot Mandarin, if program is determined to be feasible.
    • Commissioners Haney and Walton introduce a resolution recognizing the impact on students of having a parent incarcerated and providing support to these students through staff training, curriculum and services to meet their unique needs.
  • The rules will be suspended to take immediate action on three updates to board policy (public can comment without a speaker card on these):
    • these updates relate to recently passed resolutions on SFUSD career pathways and human trafficking
    • board policies would be updated to provide career technical education pathways that would prepare students for jobs within SFUSD and prioritize SFUSD alumni in recruitment and hiring
    • board policy would also be updated to provide for child abuse prevention curriculum that includes age appropriate information about human-trafficking (including the history of comfort women during WWII) and updated school safety protocol on identifying and reporting suspected victims of child abuse, including victims of human trafficking

Introduction and Assignment of Superintendent's Proposals - First Reading

Adoption of Board Policy 5141.31 Students: Immunizations

Adoption ofBoard Policy 5141.25 Students: Availability of Condoms

Adoption of Board Policy 3580
Business and Noninstructional Operations: District Records

Authorization to Grant or in the Alternative Deny the Renewal Petition for Thomas Edison Charter Academy

Adoption of Board Bylaw ("BB', 9324 (Minutes and Recordings)

Introduction and Assignment of Board Members' and Committee Proposals - First Reading

Expanding Access to Mandarin and Other World Languages - Fewer and Norton

In Support of Staff Training, Curriculum and Services to Meet the Needs of SFUSD Students with Incarcerated Parents
- Commissioners Matt Haney and Shamann Walton



Under this item, the Board may bnmediately consider and act upon a proposal introduced at first reading. At least jJve (5) board members must approve a motion to suspend the rule set forth in By/mil 9323, which requires that proposals be introduced/or aftrst reading and acted upon at a second reading. In the event that the Board approves a motion to suspend the rules and consider a proposal/or immediate actiol1 under this item, members ofthe public

may comment on this ilel111vithoul the necessity ofsubmilling a "Request to Speak" in advance.

Adoption ofBoard Policies

Instruction: Career Technical Education

Personnel: Recruitment & Selection

Adoption of Board Policy 5141.4
Students: Child Abuse Prevention and Reporting