#BoardWatch Preview: Regular Board Meeting Tuesday, February 14; Curriculum Committee Thursday, February 16.

posted Feb 14, 2017, 3:12 PM by Miranda Martin   [ updated Feb 14, 2017, 4:40 PM ]

Two meetings this week for the SFUSD Board of Education.  Tuesday night the SFUSD Board of Education will hold a regular meeting and Thursday the Curriculum and Program Committee will meet. Click the links to see agendas for these meetings.


  • Board of Education Meeting: Tuesday February 14 @ 6PM in the Board Room
    • The board will hear from advisory councils, and vote on four resolutions tonight.
      • Agenda 
      • The Parent Advisory Council and Citizens Bond Oversight Committee will report.
      • The following resolutions are up for a vote:
        • A resolution approving the Parental Involvement Policy for Civic Center Secondary school: this is a policy required for any school receiving Title 1 federal funds.
        • A resolution modifying the graduation requirements for students in County and continuation high schools. The changes allow more flexibility in required coursework for students attending these schools. These schools serve as a safety net for students who have not been well served in traditional district schools and students in the juvenile justice system.
        • A resolution protecting the rights of undocumented students. This resolution codifies the commitment of SFUSD to the education of all immigrant children and provides specific policy for schools to follow including prohibiting the recording or maintenance of citizenship status; the disclosure of real or perceived citizenship status and removing birthplace from directory information.
        • A resolution brought by Commissioners Murase and Wynns commemorating the Korean War Memorial and encouraging related curriculum.
  • Curriculum and Program Committee meeting: Thursday February 16 @ 6:00PM in the Board Room
    • Topics to be discussed include:
      • The School Quality Improvement Index: last year's data is here.
      • Computer Science (SFUSD has made a commitment to provide computer science instruction for all students)
      • Digital Promise (1:1 technology pilot; collaboration with Verizon)
      • Language Pathways (Arabic, Vietnamese and Mandarin)
      • Adding information to the curriculum about the history of "comfort women" during WWII (required by a resolution passed by the board)
    • Action Items: 
      • The committee will take a position on three proposed resolutions: approving a work experience eduction plan; approving the renewal of the charter for Leadership High, and commemorating the Korean War Memorial and encouraging related curriculum 
  • You can access podcasts of regular and committee meetings. Recordings are usually posted a few days after the meeting. Regular board meetings are broadcast on KALWSFGOVTV2, and via live webcast.
  • There is always an opportunity for public comment on the items discussed at the committee meeting or topics that fall under the purview of this committee. Usually it is not necessary to sign up in advance - speakers will be called to the podium when the chair determines it is time for public comment.