Live Tweet Recap: Board of Education Meeting on October 27, 2015

posted Oct 28, 2015, 10:53 AM by Robin Dutton-Cookston   [ updated Oct 29, 2015, 5:31 PM by Miranda Martin ]
Superintendent Report & Awards
  • Estimated that 10,000 people attended the SFUSD Enrollment Fair on Saturday, October 24
  • RAVE Awards given out to
    • Charyl Redding, literacy specialist at Glen Park Elementary School
    • Gabriel de la Cruz, teacher (and much more) at Thurgood Marshall High School
  • Many school administrators were also recognized as part of Administrator Appreciation Month
Student Delegate Report
  • Thank you to chefs from O'Connell High School who provided a Peruvian dinner for Board of Education members
  • The Youth Summit is to be help on Friday, March 18, 2016
  • Willie Brown Middle School is to hold its first student government elections this week
African American Parent Advisory Council (AAPAC) Report
  • Introduced by Landon Dickey; The committee membership has grown and there is an increase in site-based AAPACs
  • Achievements include a workshop at Black Family Day and the adoption of a letter supporting the new math sequence curriculum
  • Commissioner Sandra Fewer said that she would like to see more representation of African American familes on School Site Councils
  • Commissioner Matt Haney to the AAPAC: I hope you will be completely honest with us about what we need to do.
  • Commissioner Shamann Walton asked if there is too much focus on high school. Landon Dickey replied that there is a feeling that a large amount of attention and private funding that is concentrated on high school. 
  • Commissioner Hydra Mendoza reminded the group of the Black Student Union summit last Friday and that students are addressing big issues.
  • Commissioner Jill Wynns: We need to look at what happens before kids come to us, to connnect with preK programs.
  • Superintendent Carranza: Some will say that AA families are trying to have special status but we have bigger fish to fry. This is a crisis. 
    • AAPAC is a critical voice. 
    • Commended the letter on the new math sequence. Very thoughtfully discussed. 
Public Comment
  • Concerns about custodians working overtime for SFUSD. Payment is very late, as often as 21 days. Superintendent Carranza: You have our commitment. You are going to get paid.
  • Concerns voiced by United Educators of SF about federal SEED grant to alternate teacher certification: Will SEED program be based on our values and goals?
  • Concern about the use of Francis Scott Key Elementary School campus. Parents want the permit suspended. (Here is the backstory in the SF Examiner for context.)
  • Science teacher at Lowell High School expressed concern about upcoming changes to HS science. The "physics first" model did not prep for a career in science because there was not enough algebra skills. 
  • Resolution to amend Board bylaws to streamline and clarify the process. Revision adopted 7-0.
  • Vote on charter school facilities resolution: require charter schools to include detailed enrollment projections. Approved.

African American Achievement and Leadership Initiative (AAALI) Update
  • Update was presented by Landon Dickey
  • AAALI theory of action
    • Growth mindset; curriculum, PLCs, wise feedback
    • Empower AA students and families: AAPAC, Community Council, AA Student Week, resource network
    • Wraparound supports: mentoring for success, college and career counseling
    • Rigorous, relevant instruction: Stanford partnership, innovation fund, AA-focused literacy
  • Post-secondary pathway - 112 students are enrolled in the Beyond 12 program
  • Goals for the use of $400,000 grant: engage graduates of CCSF, collaborate with CBOs, 9th grader focus
  • AA Internal Oversight Committee will be looking at academic RTI, think about summer remediation and acceleration
  • A list has been developed of school sites with high SBAC proficiency for AA students; will talk to these sites about best practices
  • Board comments:
    • Shamann Walton: How closely are we working with educators on the ground?
    • Matt Haney: What is the role of student leadership in this work? We need mentors. 
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