Live Tweet Recap: September 29 Board of Education Meeting

posted Oct 6, 2015, 12:29 PM by Miranda Martin   [ updated Oct 22, 2015, 9:34 AM by Robin Dutton-Cookston ]
Couldn't attend the meeting?  Here is the play by play in 140 characters or less.
I've cut and pasted most of our Tweets from last night's SFUSD Board of Education meeting to create a short recap. The text in blue is tweets so forgive brevity and grammar. Thanks to PPS-SF member Ali Collins for attending the meeting and contributing to #boardwatch!  Anyone can join the fun in the future by attending a meeting or watching from home and tagging us @ppssf #boardwatch

Here's the recap:

Superintendent's Report:

  • Report by Deputy Supe Guerrero - Supe Carranza is at the UN!
  • US Dept of Ed has extended CORE district waiver (includes SFUSD) from NCLB

Recognitions and Resolutions of Commendation:

  • RAVE award goes to Lynda Boyer - 25 years in SFUSD school health
  • Rave award recipient Lynda Boyer
  • RAVE special service award goes to Christine Armstrong at Alvarado
  • Aim high recognized - 9000 students served in summer program over 30 years.
  • Wow! It turns out @ericguthertz the highly regarded principal at Mission HS was a former @AimHighProgram teacher. --SF Public School Mom ‏@AliMCollins

Board Member's Proposals - First Read 

This item was supposed to come later but was moved up and by vote the rules were suspended to allow the resolution to be voted on without going to committee first. SF Fire Chief Joanna Hayes White, student delegates (who cosponsored) and others spoke in support.

  • Rules suspended to vote on resolution in support of fire safety Ed in all elementaries
  • Fire chief Hayes-White is here to support reso. 
  • Educating students about fires educates families too. Student delegate recalls impact of fire education
  • Vote: fire safety resolution passed unanimously.
  • SF Public School Mom ‏@AliMCollins  #AAPAC and Willie Brown parents and teachers in the house to speak to the board and represent their school.

Advisory Committee Reports

Report of the Community Advisory Committee for Special Education

  • CAC Recommendations:
  • Report by Special Ed Community Advisory Council:
  • CAC Report-Johns Hopkins study: suspensions have direct (negative) impact on graduation rate. CQHfK2CUYAAxbWM.jpg
  • CAC: SFUSD partnership with Common Sense Media is benchmark -has guide for students with special needs.
  • CAC report: slow translation of IEP materials can delay needed services.
  • CAC rep Misfeldt : ~2000 students in the district are dual identified (EL/IEP). Reclassification concerns.

Public Comment on CAC report:

  • Public comment: thank you to CAC - hearing from parents is the most important thing @UESFVP
  • PPS-San Francisco Retweeted SF Public School Mom ‏@AliMCollins  African American students are SEVEN times more likely to be identified as Emotionally Disturbed. 

Board and Staff Comment on CAC report:

  • SF Public School Mom ‏@AliMCollins Assist Supe Stephens responds @SFUnified now listens more to site leaders. Would be great to include parent leaders as well
  • PPS-San Francisco Retweeted  SF Public School Mom ‏@AliMCollins The district responds to school concerns re: how @SFUnified matches school needs with Multi-Tiered Systems of Support
  • PPS-San Francisco Retweeted  SF Public School Mom ‏@AliMCollins Commissioner Fewer discusses added challenges of English Learner families in advocating for SPED needs.

Board Appointments to Advisory Committees:

  • Trevor McNeil and Lee Hsu appointed to board committees. 
Public Comment on General Matters:

Speakers came to the podium organized by groups speaking on the same topic.

  • Public comment: a group from Marshall ES
  • On 16th and Mission development. Project not moving forward but speaker feels parent views misrepresented.
  • Public comment on Willie Brown MS
  • Public comment (a student) on WBMS: let's begin anew with understanding of issues in the past.
  • Public comment (6th grade scholar at WBMS) finds it no fair that bullying is happening
  • Public comment student at WBMS: fights happening, too constant, kids want to learn but don't feel safe.
  • Public comment WBMS parent: spent full day yesterday at WBMS
  • Public comment on WBMS: Ms.Smith (fam liaison at Carver) no telephones, counsellors, dean etc on day one. Broken promise
  • Public comment: on public transit lines intersections near balboa park "hot mess"-encourage safety work with MTA
  • Public comment on WBMS: (parent) feel bamboozled- tired of hearing about "start-up mode" -should know how to open a school
  • Comment on WBMS (parent):hard to consider that after 2 months the school had failed and not prepared for any contingency.

  • Public comment: thank you for support of cafeteria worker job security
  • Public comment: on public transit lines intersections near balboa park "hot mess"-encourage safety work with MTA
Deputy Superintendent Guerrero responded to public comment regarding Willie Brown Middle School:
  • Deputy Supe Guerrero: "clearly we have much work to do to live up to the vision we have for WBMS"
  • Deputy Supe Guerrero: bullying is not normal - only earn community trust by demonstrating action
  • Deputy Supe Guerrero (on WBMS): "this is at the top of our priority list"
Special Order of Business: Public Hearing on Sufficiency of Textbooks and Instructional Materials
  • Instructional materials audit. Yearly compliance. Looks pretty good but some items missing- especially lab equipment.
Superintendent's Proposals: 

A series of resolutions making minor changes to board bylaws and policies were discussed and voted on.

  • Resolution amending board policy 9322 passed unanimously. Small changes to agenda format
  • Three Resolutions revising board policies to comply with changes in law passed 7-0.
Board Members' Proposals
Pathways to SFUSD Careers and Internship Program Resolution. This resolution would direct the district to create a pilot plan in 2016-17 for SFUSD students to participate in paid internships within SFUSD, work with colleges and universities to create enrollment preferences for SFUSD alumni interested in attending programs that align with careers in SFUSD, and give preference to SFUSD alumni in recruitment and hiring for all SFUSD open positions.
  • SFUSD Career Pathways resolution. @shamannwalton "its time to provide resources for students to stay in school"
  • Career Pathways resolution: we want to help build our own future educator
  • Public comment on resolution: @UESFVP support resolution-want to help with career pathways by helping teachers
  • Career pathways resolution passes! (7-0)

  • Two reports still to come: enrollment projections and SBAC Benchmarks. Stay tuned!
Special Order of Business
  • Ratification of MOUs with charter schools. Approved 7-0
Discussion of Other Educational Items
Those who were still tuned in around hour five of this meeting were rewarded with two data-packed reports: on Enrollment Projections and SBAC Benchmark Year Results

Here is the powerpoint presented on Enrollment Projections
  • Enrollment projections: Orla O'keefe- enrollment will continue to grow. Largest growth in Bayview.
  • Enrollment projections: by 2040: projected 7,432-12,082 new students from new housing.
  • Enrollment projections: 11% of SFUSD students currently live in Bayview - 31% of growth from new housing projected there
  • Enrollment projections: highest student growth in Bayview, SOMA, Treasure Island, Financial District and Lakeshore
  • Rachel Norton ‏@rpnorton @miranda8 @ppssf Exactly the areas where we don't have schools. Time to get busy!
  • Grade progression predictions: historically stable in ES, dip in MS, significantly higher in HS.
  • Enrollment: % of students born in SF who enter k in SFUSD has been 50% historically but recently up to 54%.
  • Student assignment committee meeting October 19th.
Here is the powerpoint presented on SBAC Benchmark Year Results
  • SBAC baseline results: participation state target was 95% SFUSD met 98% in Math and 93% in ELA (because some contested)
  • SBAC: score reports will be mailed starting this Friday.
  • SBAC: 52% of students in SFUSD met or exceeded standards in ELA, 48% in math.
  • SBAC scores: racial achievement gap persists - even when control for socio-economic status
  • African American and Latino students in SFUSD performed worse than in some peer districts,though overall scores higher.
  • SBAC: John Burke: should not compare scores to CST results. Only one of many measures.
  • SBAC: Here is the data presentation! http://bit.ly/1KQZ7i6
Board Member Reports
I admit I was not listening very attentively during this last part of the meeting. Very short reports were shared from the various board committees.
  • City and school district select committee: discussed teacher housing options including down-payment assistance