PPS-SF BoardWatch: Committee of the Whole (Tuesday) and Budget Committee Meeting (Wednesday) this week

posted Oct 31, 2016, 2:51 PM by Miranda Martin

Two meetings this week for the SFUSD Board of Education.  Tuesday night is a regular Committee of the Whole meeting, and Wednesday the Budget and Business Services Committee meets.  Click the links to see agendas for these meetings.


  • Committee of the Whole Meeting: Tuesday November 1 @ 6PM in the Board Room
    • All commissioners are encouraged to attend Committee of the Whole meetings.  These meetings allow commissioners to take a "deep dive" into the topics or proposals on the Agenda.  Any resolution that would need to be discussed in more than two board committees is referred to the Committee of the Whole instead.

    • The board will hear an update on math policy including:
      • Update on Math Course Sequence Policy (2015)
      • Update on Math Placement Policy (2016)
      • Professional Development & Coaching to Support Teachers
      • Options for Acceleration 

    • There will also be a facilitated discussion on the Superintendent search which it appears will include the Board of Education and the public. Issues to be discussed include:
      • Overview of Search Process
      • Board Protocols During the Search o Final Timeline for Search
      • Desired Qualities and Characteristics of new Superintendent
      • District’s Strengths and Challenges most Relevant to the Selection of a new Superintendent
      • Process for Community and Staff Input
  • Budget and Business Services Committee Meeting: Wednesday November 2 @ 6:00PM in the Board Room
    • This committee is made up of Commissioners Rachel Norton (chair), Dr. Emily Murase and Jill Wynns. All the other commissioners are invited to attend and participate - but not vote on recommendations.

    • Topics to be discussed include: 
      • An analysis if the fiscal impact of proposed SF proposition S on Public Education Enrichment Fund (PEEF)
      • Administratively Approved K Resolutions
      • Post-Employment (Retiree) Health Benefits
      • Fall 2016 School Site Budget Process
      • Future Meeting Agenda Items 
  • You can access podcasts of regular and committee meetings. Recordings are usually posted a few days after the meeting. 
  • There is always an opportunity for public comment on the items discussed at the committee meeting or topics that fall under the purview of this committee. Usually it is not necessary to sign up in advance - speakers will be called to the podium when the chair determines it is time for public comment.