PPS-SF Board Watch: This week three committee meetings: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday @6PM

posted Apr 18, 2016, 1:43 PM by Miranda Martin

Another big week of meeting for the SFUSD Board of Education.  Monday is the Ad Hoc Assignment Committee, Tuesday is Committee of the Whole and Wednesday is Rules, Policy and Legislation. Click the links to see agendas for these meetings.


  • Ad Hoc Committee on Student Assignment: Monday, April 18 @ 6PM in the Board Room
    • In this meeting district staff will present information and a report to commissioners about this year's assignment process. Expect lots of data and analysis about trends in enrollment and assignment in our district. The agenda says there will be a particular focus on the middle school feeder system which will be fully implemented starting next fall.
    • There is always an opportunity for public comment on the items discussed at the committee meeting or topics that fall under the purview of this committee. Usually it is not necessary to sign up in advance - speakers will be called to the podium when the chair determines it is time for public comment.

  • Committee of the Whole: Tuesday, April 19 @6PM in the Board Room
    • All commissioners are encouraged to attend Committee of the Whole meetings.  These meetings allow commissioners to take a "deep dive" into the topics or proposals on the Agenda.  Any resolution that would need to be discussed in more than two board committees is referred to the Committee of the Whole instead.
    • . Topics for the Committee of the Whole meeting include: 
      • Ruth Asawa School of the Arts Admission Task Force Presentation
        • This discussion relates to the work of a task force that was set up pursuant to a resolution passed last year aimed at making sure students from across the city have access to and are represented at Ruth Asawa SOTA. For more background and links to the resolution and board discussion at the time it was passed take a look at Commissioner Rachel Norton's blog from last spring.
      • SFUSD Comprehensive School Counseling Program (CSCP) – Framework and Three (3) Year Implementation 
  • Rules, Policy and Legislation Committee: Thursday April 21 @6PM in the Board Room
    • This committee is made up of Commissioners Jill Wynns (chair), Emily Murase and Shamann Walton. All the other commissioners are invited to attend and participate - but not vote on recommendations.
    • Topic to be discussed include:
      • Board Policies on Committees, Uniform Complaint Procedure, Sexual Harassment, and Student Bullying
      • Support of the Safety for All Act of 2016 ( a proposed gun control ballot measure)
      • Legislative Agenda: SFUSD's lobbyists may be in attendance