PPS-SF School Board Watch: Board of Education Meeting 1/12/16: Agenda Preview

posted Jan 12, 2016, 7:46 PM by Miranda Martin   [ updated Jan 25, 2016, 8:31 PM ]

It is the first regular Board of Education meeting of the year!  You can check out the full agenda here


  • The Board will vote to elect a new President and Vice President 
  • Several resolutions will be introduced (no discussion now, but they will be sent to board committees for discussion, then come back at a subsequent Board of Education meeting for a vote)
    • Resolutions submitted by the Superintendent include updates to district policies on immunizations and availability of condoms and authorization to consider renewal of Thomas Edison school's charter.
    • Commissioners Fewer and Norton introduce a resolution requesting the district to study the feasibility of a world language program in SFUSD elementary and middle schools. This would be a non-immersion language program, goal would daily language instruction available to all students. Proposal to initially pilot Mandarin, if program is determined to be feasible.
    • Commissioners Haney and Walton introduce a resolution recognizing the impact on students of having a parent incarcerated and providing support to these students through staff training, curriculum and services to meet their unique needs.
  • The rules will be suspended to take immediate action on three updates to board policy (public can comment without a speaker card on these):
    • these updates relate to recently passed resolutions on SFUSD career pathways and human trafficking
    • board policies would be updated to provide career technical education pathways that would prepare students for jobs within SFUSD and prioritize SFUSD alumni in recruitment and hiring
    • board policy would also be updated to provide for child abuse prevention curriculum that includes age appropriate information about human-trafficking (including the history of comfort women during WWII) and updated school safety protocol on identifying and reporting suspected victims of child abuse, including victims of human trafficking
  • Board Members will report on information discussed and actions taken at recent committee meetings (Curriculum, Budget)