PPS-SF School Board Watch: Board of Education Meeting August 23, 2016 @ 6PM: Meeting Preview

posted Aug 23, 2016, 7:16 AM by Miranda Martin

You can check out the full agenda here to see what is on tap for the August 23 meeting.   


  • The Board will vote on three resolutions tonight:
    • A revision of the Board Policy on District Records: update to comply with legal requirements mandating how SFUSD must notify individuals if there is a breach of security that results in disclosure of their personal information (like social security numbers, medical records, etc.)
    • A resolution brought by Commissioner Haney relating to strengthening and advancing gender inclusive policies and education at SFUSD. This resolution, in part, would mandate: 1) that at least one stall at each school be identified as "all gender;" 2) school dress code and uniform policies be gender neutral; and 3) students and staff have a right to be identified by the name and pronouns that correspond with their gender identity and include the name and gender that corresponds with their gender identity in the district's database without a court ordered name/gender change or change of official records. Full text of the resolution starts at page 5 of the agenda.
    • A resolution brought by Commissioner Fewer supporting adoption of Board policies on political activities of employees. Among prohibited activities: using students to distribute campaign material, wearing political buttons during instructional time, presenting view points on candidates or ballot measures in the classroom without giving equal time to opposing views. Full text starts at page 8 of the agenda.

  • The Board will hear public comment.

  • The Board will vote on two special items:
    • A preliminary authorization to issue $80 million in debt - this is related to the facilities bond that will be on the ballot this fall. Some details were shared in this presentation last March.
    • Adoption of Board of Education Meeting Calendar

  • Three resolutions related policies about conflict of interest will be introduced for first reading and assigned to committees for further discussion (full text of each attached to the agenda pp 20-43):

  • Report on Williams Act complaints filed last quarter within SFUSD.  The Williams act requires that all students have instructional materials and that their schools be clean and safe.

  • Board Members will report on information discussed and actions taken at recent committee meetings

NEW!  Audio of all board and committee meetings is being made available via podcast (also on iTunes and google play). Audio is usually posted within a few days following the meeting.