PPS-SF School Board Watch: Board of Education Meeting May 10, 2016 @ 6PM: Meeting Preview

posted May 10, 2016, 2:58 PM by Miranda Martin

You can check out the full agenda here to see what is on tap for the May 10th meeting. 


  • The Board will vote on adoption of a policy outlining PE requirements and exemptions.  The resolution is attached to the meeting agenda if you want to read all the details. The resolution covers many issues related to physical education including the minimum number of required minutes of PE at different grade levels, and allowable PE exemptions including ROTC.  Here is a powerpoint from the Board meeting where the resolutions were introduced.
  • The Arts Education Master Plan Advisory Committee will present it's 10th Anniversary report.
  • The Board will discuss a proposed contract with Teach for America to fund recruitment and training of 15 teachers (Bilingual, Special Education and Math)
  • The Board will hear the quarterly report on Williams Act complaints. These are formal complaints that, as a result of a legal settlement, can be filed by anybody regarding insufficient instructional materials, unsafe or unhealthy facility conditions, and teacher vacancies and misassignments in public schools in California.
  • Board Members will report on information discussed and actions taken at recent committee meetings