PPS-SF School Board Watch: Board of Education Meeting May 24, 2016 @ 6PM: Meeting Preview

posted May 24, 2016, 3:13 PM by Miranda Martin   [ updated May 24, 2016, 3:13 PM ]

You can check out the full agenda here to see what is on tap for the May 24th meeting. 


  • The Parent Advisory Council and District English Learner Advisory Committee will present recommendations related to SFUSD's Local Control and Accountability Plan (feedback is based on a draft presented to the PAC and DELAC last week posted here and presentation here - the LCAP and Budget will be formally introduced at the first board meeting in June)

  • The Board will hear public comment and vote on a resolution to:
    • Adopting Good Food Purchasing Standards for SFUSD (full text available attached to the agenda -pp 1-2) 
      • This resolution sponsored by Commissioner's Fewer, Haney and Walton received unanimous support at the May 4th Budget and Business services committee meeting
      • Good food purchasing standards include purchasing emphasizing local economies, environmental sustainability, valued workforce, animal welfare and nutrition
      • Resolution would be a commitment to evaluation, not implementation of specific purchasing practices

  • Four resolutions will be introduced for first reading and assigned to committees for further discussion (full text of each attached to the agenda pp 4-22):

    • Board Policy on Physical Education Requirements
      • policy would adopt the PE minutes required by the state ed code as minimum requirement - but still strongly encourage greater number of minutes recommended in SFUSD's PE Master Plan
      • would create an interim policy for 1 year allowing students in career pathways that require a 3 year course sequence, alternative schools or continuation and county schools to take PE as an independent study course

    • Math Placement Policy 
      • relates to state law requiring a fair, objective and transparent policy of math placement for students entering 9th grade 8
      • proposal would place all students into SFUSD CCSS Algebra 1 in 9th Grade. Students who completed SFUSD CCSS Math 8 with an F and scored "Not Met Standards" on the math portion of the SBAC would be provided additional supports before or after school or during lunch
      • students who can document that they have completed coursework covering all of the subject matter in SFUSD CCSS Math 8 and CCSS Algebra 1 (specific concepts are listed in the proposed policy) with a C or better would be eligible to take the Math Validation Exam. Students passing the Math Validation Exam would be eligible to take CCSS Geometry in 9th Grade. There will be at least two opportunities to take the Math Validation Exam - one in the fall within the first month of school. No exact dates set out in the proposed policy.
      • all students enrolled in CCSS Algebra 1 will be given a diagnostic exam at the start of the school year and based on this placement check will be given options for additional support or extension opportunities

    • Policy on JROTC
      • would allow students in JROTC to take PE as an independent study
      • would allow JROTC to count for PE credit under certain circumstances (related to content of program and qualifications of instructor)
      • would rescind prior board adopted restrictions on sources of funding that could be used for JROTC programs 

    • Resolution in Support of SFUSD Strengthening and Advancing Gender Inclusive Policies and Education
      • would require at least one bathroom at every school to be designated "all gender"
      • would require that dress codes be gender neutral - including dress codes for special events like prom
      • would allow SFUSD students and staff to be addressed by the name and gender pronoun that corresponds to their gender identity
      • would create educational outreach plan to increase awareness and understanding of transgender and gender non-conforming people

  • The Board will vote to suspend the rules and take immediate action on a resolution Condemning the State of North Carolina's House Bill that Discriminates Against Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students and Prohibiting SFUSD from Funding Travel to and/or Attending Conferences or Meetings in North Carolina
    • there will be an opportunity for public comment on this item

  • Board Members will report on information discussed and actions taken at recent committee meetings