PPS-SF School Board Watch: Three Board of Education Committee Meetings in Three Days

posted Nov 17, 2015, 11:17 AM by Miranda Martin   [ updated Nov 18, 2015, 6:26 PM ]
PPS-SF School Board Watch: Committee of the Whole on School Quality Improvement Index; Rules, Legislation and Policy Committee and Labor and Personnel Committee

  • Tonight the Board of Education will convene for a Committee of the Whole meeting (sometimes called a "COW" - this is a committee meeting on a special or important topic that all board members attend). Tonight will be focussed on the newly developed School Quality Improvement Index ("the Index").
    San Francisco Unified School District is one of nine "
    Core" districts in California that has received a waiver from "No Child Left Behind" federal accountability standards. These districts have developed their own system of accountability that includes measuring not just Academic indicators but Social Emotional and Culture/Climate indicators as well. Hopefully tonight we will get a first peek at what this new data looks like and how it will be used by school communities as they build their yearly academic plans.  You can check out this short video for more information on the School Quality Improvement Index. 

  • The Augmented Rules, Policy and Legislation Committee meeting will be held at 6:00PM on November 18th.  The committee will take action on the revision of two bylaws. One related to residency requirements for students in SFUSD.  State law now requires districts to admit students who do not reside within district boundaries if the student's parent works in the city and the student lives with the parent at that workplace at least 3 nights per week.  The full text of Board Policy 5111 as amended is available in the Agenda from last week's Board Meeting. The committee with also discuss SFUSD's legislative agenda for the year.

  • The Personnel and Labor Committee Meeting at 5:30 PM (note the earlier time) on November 19th.  The Committee will be discussing substitute staffing, educator housing issues and SF PLUS (a new leadership program for Assistant Principals).  
All meetings will be held in the board room at 555 Franklin Street and are open to the public.  Next week's regular Board of Education meeting has been cancelled.  Stay tuned for an agenda preview of the next regular meeting to be held on December 8th at 6:00PM.

Miranda from PPS-SF will be live-tweeting from the meeting tonight: @ppssf #boardwatch.  Any volunteers to attend Wednesday or Thursday's meetings?  

Please email or tweet miranda@ppssf.or with any questions you have about these topics or any other agenda items -- or if you are interested in attending and taking notes are tweeting for the PPS-SF community.

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