Since 1999 PPS-SF has worked to build a vibrant, liveable city for everyone, starting with our schools. Just like you, we care for our children, we love our city, and we want all San Franciscans to have the best lives possible. 

Strong, well-functioning public schools elevate the quality of life for all of us, whether you have children in public schools or children at all. Public education serves as a foundational element of our city and makes San Francisco better for all of us, now more than ever. 

We have done great work this past year. A few examples:

  • We hosted 88 enrollment workshops in three languages. Our nine-person team helped over 20,000 families via live events, digital resources, and one-on-one consultation. 

  • We shared comments with SFUSD regarding Lowell admissions. The result: a swift change in enrollment policy for the current year that favors equity for all students.

  • Our Latino, Chinese, and African American Parent Clubs empower hundreds of families to be engaged members of their school communities. 

We are the only organization of its kind in San Francisco, and our small but mighty staff supports thousands of families each year. With your donation, we can do even more to help build strong schools as an integral part of a strong city

Double your impact on PPS-SF! If you work for a company that matches your charitable donations, please take advantage of this benefit and help your gift do even more for PPS-SF.


Here are some comments we have received from donors:

"We are inspired by [your] leadership. My husband….and I look forward to supporting Parents for Public Schools of San Francisco with both fundraising and friend-raising in 2016."

"Hi, I attended an excellent presentation by at Ortega Library. It's the reason for my donation. Great job! Thank you again!"

"Your organization was very helpful in figuring out how to navigate the lottery."

"PPS-SF Rocks!"

"You provide a valuable resource for prospective and current SFUSD parents!"

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

"You are the unsung heroes of SFUSD. Your parent enrollment trainings and info nights are what bring parents into our schools. Thank you!"

"Keep up the great work! I am immensely grateful for your advice then I navigated the public elementary schools last year."

"Your organization has helped me a lot to understand and navigate SFUSD."

"Thanks for the valuable service you provide!"

"Thank you for your hard work in making the SF public schools better! We love seeing people opting for public instead of private school!"

"Thank you for doing this critical work."

"I'm so grateful for the work you do to support public schools! Thank you!"

"you're doing fantastic. THANKS for the awesomest High School presentation. Worth every minute of it. So far, you have helped us thru 7 lotteries/assignments - and counting."

"Thank you for your helpful services to SF parents!"

"I have been to many workshops and appreciate all that you do. I don't know how I would navigate the school system without you. Fingers crossed as my daughter will be attending kindergarten next year. Thanks again!"

"Thank you for educating parents about enrollment process & providing a forum for parents to discuss public education in SF."

"PPS was very instrumental in helping us navigate through the enrollment process for my son (now in 7th grade) and I always recommend you as a resource to others who are going through the process. Plus you ROCK!!"

"Have been a supporter since we were in the kindergarten search, and am now getting into high gear for the middle school search -- appreciate all that you do to support families and our public schools!"

"I am grateful for the support Parents has given me in the enrollment process and their ongoing advocacy for public schools."

We ask you -- our workshop participants, our partners, our thought leaders, our families -- to be by our side. Making a contribution to the campaign ensures PPS-SF has the resources to continue to engage, educate, and connect families and keep the public in education.

Please consider making a donation today.

A donation of any amount will automatically make you eligible to vote at the PPS-SF Annual Meeting. PPS-SF is a non-profit 501(c)3 and donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowable by law. We sincerely appreciate your generous support of our organization.